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Members’ Club

We provide a high quality dental care. But we want to do more. Like anything in life we feel commitment brings rewards. With this in mind we have created ‘Dene Dental’s Teeth For Life Members’ Club’.

There are two simple memberships: Silver and Gold. The membership is intended to cover the Core Dental Care for all members.

Silver Membership is for those who see just the dentist two times a  year. Silver membership is £22.50 per month.

Gold Membership is for those who see the dentist twice a year and the hygienist twice a year. Gold membership is £32.50 per month.

What is your commitment?

You are required to make monthly payments to cover the cost of your basic maintenance visits spread over the 12 months.

Silver member payment will be £22.50 per month.  Two visits to the dentist per year for exam and basic scale and polish.

Gold member payment will be £ 32.50 per month. Two visits to the dentist for exam and basic scale and polish.








We think it pays to be a member of our ‘Teeth for Life Club’. Below are the summary of your plan benefits.

Plan Summary for the website